House makeover

If you are planning a remodelling or remodel of an existing house, please be sure that all of the asbestos suspect products that will be disrupted have actually been tested prior to beginning this process with your selected General Contractor. Your asbestos contractor scope of work is very little in contrast to the over-all job scope such as with a kitchen re-design, bath remodel, master bed room or workplace improvement, or textures through-out the home. We have seen far too lots of house owners, property developers, and remodel contractors who have actually approached an asbestos job from the back-end which typically indicates a potentially pricey "clean-up".

Answering a typical question
Many of our customers over the years have provided the exact same concerns and concerns over the presence of asbestos in thier home or office. Homepage We are hopeful that in producing a blog numerous of the most common questions associated with asbestos and the State of Colorado will be responded to here at your fingure suggestions.

Exists a possibility that my home or office has an asbestos floor, ceiling, wall, duct insulation, attic outside, insulation, or piping siding or plaster coat?

If you are working or living in a structure that was built prior to 1989 that has actually not been formerly remodelled, then the likelyhood of the presence of an asbestos containing product readies. Generally, if the product remains in excellent condition and the location of the material is such that the product likely can remain free from damage we would suggest that the material be left undisturbed.

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